So Wrong, It’s Right!!

Every year I love shooting this amazing family.  Amy (or should we call her Bree Vandecamp) is the epitome of perfection.  She is beautiful, talented to no end, kind, creative and she is capable of running a household like no one else I know!!!  So, it was no surprise to see how fun they were dressed.  It was all meant to be “So Wrong, it’s actually Right”.  Patterns, colors, etc. were meant to clash, which is what made it all work well for them, so we decided to go with something simple a demure for their canvas.  The only thing we couldn’t control is the fact that the kids had no interest in taking pictures.  They wanted to play….and play they did, but we managed to catch the whole family in their own natural way.  I love you all and thank you for another fun photo shoot!!

M o r e   i n f o