Another Year Older and Wiser!!

I have been very lucky to capture Debbie and her kids at Christmas time for many years.  They have a tradition of wearing Pajamas for their holiday cards, which I love because of the bright fun colors that come with the holdiays.  We decided to head up to our favorite little park/grove, so the kids could run and have fun too.  Cute little “T” was so fascinated by the little rocking chair and he wanted to take it all over the park.  “S” was the perfect big sister, always trying to help, but “M” had her own plans.  She decided to share with us the MANY faces in her repertoire, so we HAD to catch them all.  She was so proud of herself!!  So Deb, here’s to another year older and wiser…much, much wiser this year!!!!

M o r e   i n f o