Sean + Cassie – Jones Victorian Estate

I love shooting brides, but there is something so stunning about a red headed bride.  I may be a bit biased because my mother is a red head.  I always seem to capture the most classic beauty in the portraits with my red headed brides.  Not only is Cassie beautiful, she has the greatest sense of humor and quick wit.  Her sister used to tease her that she was the milk man’s child, but when you see this amazing family together you quickly see where she gets her beauty and her wit.  She was born with her mother’s beauty and her father’s quick wit.  The whole family was so comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and you can quickly tell how hilarious they are by flipping through a few of their wedding images.

Sean is a twin and I have to apologize for mixing up him and his brother over and over again.  The vest color should have been an obvious sign, but I just kept mixing them up.  I also have to admit that cried…yes I cried at their wedding.  Sean’s father is such a gentle giant and reminded me so much of my uncle.  His kind a gracious way of loving and caring for his wife and family stopped me in my tracks during the mother/groom dance.  The tears just came without warning.

I hope Sean and Cassie will forever remember this beautiful day.  They chose the Jones Victorian Estate to celebrate their big day and what a fantastic choice it was!!  This venue is such an amazing little gem.  Michelle, Jones Victorian coordinator, makes everyone feel like instant family.  The atmosphere, food and service was spot on as always!!  Allie at Flower Allie also did an amazing bringing the emotion and feel for the day with her stunning arrangements.  A beautiful day for a wonderful couple.  Thank you for letting me share with you both.

Love this family…they were AMAZING!!

Congratulations Sean & Cassie!!


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