But Mom He Looked At Me First!

Cinnamon and cloves, fire burning in a fireplace, halloween decor and dried leaves.  I feel the holidays starting!!  Something inside me gets excited for soup nights with the neighbors and costumes for the kids.  I know that holiday portrait season is on its way and there is nothing I love more than shooting holiday portraits in the fall.  I doesn’t matter if I shoot at the beach or at the park…there is something in the air that just radiates the warm golden color of fall.

One of these things is NOT like the other…somehow they are the same, but very different!!

These two little boys are so funny.  A little love, a little hate, a little love, a little hate, a lot of love!

Tuckers, your boys are growing up so fast and turning into little men!!  Thanks for kicking off the holidays!!

M o r e   i n f o