Garrett & Kaela

When Garrett & Kaela asked me to take and adventure outside of Orange County to shoot their wedding in Idaho, I was excited and up for the challenge.  Shooting weddings has a similar routine to everyone, yet every wedding I have ever shot has always been soo different.  Shooting in Boise and Eagle, ID in August was beautiful.  There were so many different locations I wanted to take Garrett & Kaela after their ceremony at the Boise LDS Temple, but with very limited time we were supposed to pick just one location.  After scoping out some locations, I knew I had to go to the riverbottoms, which was gorgeous and had the feel that Kaela really wanted for their romantics.  We captured some amazing images and Kaela literally took my breath away!!  She is so naturally beautiful and the camera loved her….and then loved her some more!!  With time ticking to get to the reception we headed closer to Eagle, but I couldn’t resist the amazing wheat field at the corner near their reception.  After asking the kind family who owned the farm, we had to squeeze out just a couple more minutes.  We captured my favorite shots of the day in the middle of this perfect golden wheat field with the spectacular blue sky behind.  I loved this weekend, I love Kaela and Garrett and I am so grateful they wanted to include me in this amazing adventure.

M o r e   i n f o