Handmade Bridal Garter

Just for fun, I came across this and I knew immediately that I wanted to post something about it.  I rarely see garter’s that aren’t super cheesy or have an alma mater on them, etc.  They are actually very difficult to find attractive one’s, so I thought this might be helpful to some of you out there!!  Ok, so I am not 100% committed to the garter thing at weddings… I just don’t understand the whole idea of, well…you know what I mean!!  I did wear one at my wedding because I know bridal garters are an old tradition and wearing one is considered to be lucky for the happy couple, so I wanted all the luck I could get, so I stuck with tradition!!!  With that said, I came across this Do It Yourself garter and I love the look of it.    I think anyone who is going to stick with tradition, should consider going the extra mile to find or make something that fits your style…stay with tradition or break the tradition, who cares, just make it your own!!!  Most likely making may be much easier than finding.  Here is the link I found it at that has more ideas and some directions or can at least lead you to some help.  Fities Wedding Blog – Help

DIY wedding garter –Source

Handmade black chiffon wedding garter – Natalie Briggs via ETSY

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