September 11th

Why this day…why am I deciding to get a real blog going on this day?  Well, I love/hate this day, so I might as well choose this day to do what I love/hate to do.

I am the worst about journaling the story of my life, my children and my dreams, but today I have officially decided to get a blog REALLY going about what I do with my small amount of time.  I am trying so hard to figure out how my close friends keep up with their lives and their blogs.  A little shout out to Kelly at Just Spotted who I want to grow up to look and be like when I get older, (BTW she is younger than me!).  3 children and a real attempt at keeping a full fledged business running in order is more consuming than it seems, but I am going to give this a try, so bear with me out there!!!  Here I go…

This day, September 11th, will always be to me the day that I sat frozen in my chair with a brand new baby in my arms and cried.  I cried in fear and sadness about what I was seeing, but most of all I cried because I didn’t ever want to have to explain this day to my new little girl.  When my husband and I decided to get married we struggled to find a day that worked for family and friends.  After deciding to be married in December we were faced with the challenge of locating a venue and with only 3 weekends in December we were battling all of the Christmas parties that were already booked a year+ in advance.  As the search played out, we were thrilled when our preferred favorite location, Tustin Ranch Golf Course, became available on December 7th, so we jumped at the chance to have it in what was literally our backyard.  But when we shared with our family our decision to be married on the 7th of December, we were surprised that our parents and
grandparents didn’t share our excitement.  To us it was just an available Saturday in December, but to them it was and will always be “Pearl Harbor Day”.

As that emotional day of September 11th lingers in my heart, the years go by, but the feeling doesn’t fade.  I now understand why I was questioned by my family, when I picked Pearl Harbor Day as the day to be married.  To me it was just an available day, but to our grandparents it was a memory of strange heartache and sadness that in their lives would never go away.  Their December 7th is my September 11th…I get it now!!  Every time I see a clock that says 9:11, a mile marker 911 or the emergency sign on the side of a road, it always brings that feeling back…that moment that took my breath away.  It’s not that I live in fear or for the drama of what happened, but I will never forget.  So this date will come and go from every calendar year, but never again will it be “that” day and I hope that my children never choose “that date” to get married!!


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