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How Much Are Those Doggies in the Window?

When my friend called the other day, she pre-empted our conversation with…”Soooooooo, how much do you love me?”   (UUUGGGHHH, what’s the catch)   …..”so, I want to find out how much you would charge me for family pictures.”  (My first thought was, oh, that is no big deal, not sure why she was worried!!) ….”weeeeeeell, the […]

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50 Years and Counting….

So this is what 50 years of marriage looks like?  Beautiful children, gorgeous grandchildren and a lot of spunk!!  Sign me up for what ever it is they do to make it so gracefully through time.  So it begs the question of “how do you do it”…loads of family support, enormous amounts of humor and […]

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Let the Retirement Begin

Sandy and Al are two of the most amazing people I know.  Sandy spent a great deal of time planning Al’s retirement party for all of their family and friends, so the thought of getting a family portrait became a little overwhelming as the day loomed over her.  Sandy is not the type of person […]

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Jammin’ Christmas

Every year Deb comes up with the cutest idea for Christmas pictures in jammies and this year she called me for a some help.  We had these great ideas that included an outdoor fireplace and lights, etc., BUT we ended up with something totally different.  We didn’t feel like we were really capturing the feeling […]

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Christmas Rituals

Christmas trees, Christmas presents, Christmas cards…  What would Christmas be without the annual family portrait for cards.  The Bogue family will always be one of my favorite families that I capture every year.  They are just so cool and easy going, beautiful and more than anything they are kind!!  No matter what life has thrown […]

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