The art of photography has been a 20-year process and love for me.  I can explain in fine detail about my experience or knowledge of photography after this many years, but the honest truth is that I know I am no true expert.  I also know that with that knowledge, I am always growing and progressing and evolving because the process of photography is always changing, but the outcome is and will always be the finest that I can produce.  I still technically learn something new everyday and I thrive on that learning!  Over the years the things I can say that I "know" for a fact are these...

I "KNOW" that no time is or will ever be perfect, no family is ever without issues and no weather or location are ever ideal, but none of that really matters.  What matters is that you take the time to stop time.  If it rains on your day, then just know that the colors in your images are going to pop in deep, rich, vibrant colors, so get an umbrella and have fun.  If you have the opprotunity to take a family photo, but you don't have the "matching" outfits you dream about or maybe you want to drop a few lbs, take the time anyway and capture that moment in the lives of those around you because it is invaluable. 

I KNOW that being a photographer is 20% about a camera, 30% about hearding cats and 50% about being a therapist.  Sometimes we only need a little bit of direction, other times we need a lot of direction, but we all need reminders about what matters most.

I KNOW that the best photos are usually the moments in between, when people least expect.  The funny glance at each other, the quick hug, the tear on a cheek or my favorite is the pouting or crazy child.

I KNOW that I am lucky to do what I do!!  I am grateful to be a wife, a mother and a story teller.  I am based in Orange County, California, serving the west coast and beyond.  Specializing in weddings, events and on-location family portraits.  I would love to hear from you anytime!!