Brad + Krystina – Air Force West Wedding

I know I always say that I adore my brides, BUT I am starting to think that I am just a really lucky photographer.  I can’t explain how grateful I feel when a bride is just completely genuine, kind, hilarious and patient.  Nothing seems to ruffle the feathers of Krystina and Brad.  There were more than enough reasons for Krystina to become the crazy bride, but instead I had the opportunity to watch her CHOOSE to enjoy both the crazy moments and the tender moments.  She actually made sure that everyone else was calm and happy.  We were pushed to the limits for time, but as you can tell…we made the best of it!!  Thank you again Brad and Krystina for letting be part of this amazing day.  AND yes…I want your love story so we can feature it here soon.

I am so grateful to my better half of the day…Karen Revelle, for catching this amazing shot at sunset!!  LOVE IT!!

I hope all the best in the world for you both!!

Love,  Colleen

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