Santa Barbara Engagements

Having the opportunity to shoot a wedding for someone you have known for over 15 years is always an emotional experience!!  You  have a different kind of connection and you know the ups and downs of the relationships they have been through throughout their life.  Jessica knew immediately that she had found her prince charming, but he didn’t realize right off that he was slowly progressing from the small green frog to the prince she knew he truly was inside.  It took many years and numerous Christmas dinners, other proposals from waiting suitors and multiple bridesmaid appearances before she finally became the “bride” of her own fairytale!!  Thank goodness Jessica and Dane learned about patience of the years, because the day we ventured out for engagement portraits, we ended up with the famous Santa Barbara “Sundowner” winds.  If you have never experienced them…just picture yourself being blown about by hurricane force wind, but surrounded by beautiful blue skies and gorgeous ocean views.  We managed to find a few places that provided minimal wind coverage, so Jess hats off to you for staying collected and beautiful as USUAL!!

OMG you are going to have the most BEAUTIFUL children!!!

But what team are they going to root for???

Tennessee or Nebraska…

I’ll teach them to root for some real football!!!


M o r e   i n f o