dank je wel

In respect to the wonderful Mother and Father that raised Haighlee, I want to use the small Dutch vocabulary I have and say dank je wel (thank you very much) for letting me be part of your family for this day.  Haighlee was raised by two of the kindest people in the world.  Both of her parents came to the US from Holland, not to far from where my parents lived for years, so what a joy it was to reminisce with her father.  It brought back a rush of memories from some of my favorite times in my life.  Haighlee you are an amazing woman for pulling together a beautiful wedding with the help of your hilarious brother.  What a patient, caring, gorgeous woman Alan found in Haighlee!!  Here are just of the few lasting memories I will have of their beautiful day.

I wish them all the joy in the world for their future together.



M o r e   i n f o