Sean + Christy


Anyone who knows Christy, knows that she is a small bundle of happiness and she has found the perfect husband who is calm and sweet, but radiates the same simple smile as Christy that can change the demeanor of everyone they are around.  Sean & Christy had their ceremony at the Newport Beach LDS Temple and the weather was as perfect as it gets.  This temple is always a bright and beautiful place for weddings and it also offered us the close opportunity to jet down to the beach for a little photo play time before their reception.  Christy’s family is so involved in the community, especially in the education system here in SoCal, so it was no surprise that their reception filled Chapman University’s Sandhu Conference Center with hundreds and hundreds of friends, colleagues and family.  They partied up Hawaiian Style to celebrate Sean’s Hawaiian heritage.  The amazing dancers had everyone dancing and laughing the night away.

Christy’s feet decided to rebel…they were so tired by the time we got back from Balboa!!

M o r e   i n f o